Trade 811 Anti Money Laundry Policy

Money laundry is turning money gained from illegal activities like drug and human dealing, terrorism, fraud, corruption and illegal weapons into other money that looks legal to hide the real source of the money.

Taken measures

At Trade 811 we have a strict anti money laundry policy to identify suspicious clients while reducing deals with illegal clients.

With the purpose of achieving our commitment to full support for fighting against illegal financial transfers we developed a reliable electronic technologically improved system which checks the identity of the client while keeping detailed records of all previous transfers.

Trade 811 traces every suspicious activity and reports it to law enforcing people with detailed information. By this we provide full legal security for our clients who share secret financial information with the company.

To prevent money laundry Trade 811 doesn't take or give cash under any conditions.The company reserves the right to suspend a procedure being done by a client which may seem illegal or connected to money laundry to the staff.

Compliance system

Trade 811 prepared a compliance system to achieve the legal requirements from it.

That includes appointing compliance officer and putting policies and regular reviews for execution, influence and setting training for professional compliance by the staff.

Trade 811 guarantees regular update for its electronic data according to rules and regulations developed for making more complicated reviews for the purpose of tracing money laundry and any other criminal act at once.


For creating an identification and satisfactory verifications for the client's account and by full compliance t anti money laundry laws Trade 811 asks for two types of documents First a document issued by the government with the client's photo on it.

It can be a passport or driver's license or regular ID card and it has to be issued by the government and it has to include a photo of the client. Second a bill or a document that includes the full name and the address. it can be a service bill or a bank statement or a certificate or any kind of bills that include personal information. It must be less than 6 months old.

Trade 811 requires delivering a manually signed application. clients are asked to inform the company with any change in personal information that was already delivered to Trade 811. If the documents were in a non western language it must be translated into English by an official translator and this copy must be signed by this translator and delivered with other attached documents with a photo of the client.

Deposits and withdrawals

Our clients processes to deposit and withdraw money have the following requirements:

  • In case of bank or credit card transfers the indicated name must match the name of the account or credit card owner.
  • An individual can withdraw money from the account via bank transfer in the same bank and with the same accountant that the deposit was done through
  • In cases of using electronic payment systems withdrawing money from a trading account is only possible on the system and by using the account used for the deposit.