How to create an account on Trade 811?

Creating an account on Trade 811 is an easy and secure process. you simply register through filling the details in the registration page. If you prefer registering through phone you can call one of our account manager to create an account.

At trade 811 we protect your privacy and your personal information. For more about out SSL program please visit our money security page.

What are the different account types I can choose from?

At trade 811 we understand that every trader is different from the other and our purpose is to provide everyone's needs. so we provide you with the ability to choose between our four account types :

Mini, standard, gold, VIP and Islamic accounts. we can provide personal and professional services for all our account clients whatever your account type is. all traders can use our services 24/7 including support, learning services and sirix for trading including charts, unlimited technical indicators, automatic trading and mobile trading programs and the more you initial deposit is the more services you'll get.

Forex mini trading accounts are created for new traders who want the least risk. Standard accounts are suitable for experienced and professional traders and gold accounts are created for those who trade with big volumes. the owners of VIP accounts owners are provided with extra trading analysis and guidance through our experts.

Is demo different from real?

Demo account is the same a real account which provides going through real trading experience with trade 811. But demo account trades with virtual money while with real account you have to deposit real money to start trading.

Is Trade 811 a market maker?

Live trading enables executing foreign exchange processes and electronic bank transfers with total secrecy to improve the speed of the transfers. Executing live trading means that we don't profit from clients losses but from commissions to insure that we are completely focused on our clients income. we profit from clients who make profits because their trading activity increases and the more they trade the more we profit from commissions.

How to trade trade 811 products?

Trade 811 products can be traded through our trading program. in addition to providing live trading trade 811 provides a wide range of trading information : experts analysis , recent quotes , charts and more.

What trading programs do you provide?

Our three different programs include Sirix , phone trader and web trader giving you choices to choose what suites you. many investors keep sirix on their laptop and use the trade 811 mobile app on their smart phone and make use of the web trading program in the office or while not at home. whatever your needs are trade 811 will cover it through these multiple programs to suit your life style.

What mobile systems are supported?

I phone

Windows mobile


How do I deposit money to trade 811 accounts?

Trade 811 provides various ways to fund your account as we deal with every payment method : credit cards , wire transfers , moneynet , neteller or cashu. And the most important thing when trading through trade 811 is that you can be assured that your payments are safe. Many clients choose using credit cards to pay. clients need to simply fill their credit card information to the secure system of trade 811and specify the amount of money they want to add to the account and they can start trading. the only disadvantage of using credit card is that there may be a limit for the amount of money that you can deposit in one time. Another benefit of using credit cards is the ease to withdraw money when the time comes. the money will be returned to the credit card plus any increase that enters the clients account. clients must simply make front and back copies of the cards and send them to trade 811 to verify the identity .

Money can be deposited through wire transfers too. wire transfers are executed between the client and trade 811. to execute a wire transfer investors should contact their financial establishments and provide them with the proper information.

How can I withdraw money from my account?

With trade 811 clients can feel safe by knowing that they can withdraw their money anytime. withdrawing money from any account on trade 811 is very simple and only need one click. to keep all money safe trade811 asks clients to go through a secure withdrawal process. Investors who want to withdraw their money have to fill a withdrawal form and send it to their account manager with documents required by the financial section. Immediately after receiving the application and reviewing it money will be returned to the account that the deposit came from. money will be sent within three working days as a bank transfer or to the credit card that you sent to trade 811. any withdrawal to a value more than the allowed value by the credit card will be put into the investor's bank account.

Clients are aware that their money is always safe when they trade with trade 811. the company asks for any withdrawal application to contain a photo , an identity and a verified address. Sometimes we can ask for other identity verifications. all personal information given to the company is totally safe. and that includes written data and photos too.

What products can be traded?

Trade 811 provides you a wide range of trading choices including currency pairs, commodities , CFDs and indicators.

What is the minimum deposit in a trade 811 account?

All types of account have their own minimum requirements. if you want to know more about every account type please visit our accounts page or call customer support.