Forex trading with Trade 811

Forex trading - the most famous way of investment in global markets

Foreign exchange or forex market is buying and selling currencies and it one of the most growing markets. with capital cycle of almost 4 trillion U.S dollar it is also the biggest market and the most liquid. forex trading works very similarly to stocks trading - buy cheap and sell expensive. you can trade forex through the internet 24 hours five days a week. forex trading is suitable for new investors and also long term investors who want to build their portfolio. No re-quoting or (shadowing) prices At trade 811 we are a no disk broker with other words we aren't a market maker. as we use live trading technology so there are re-quoting or (shadowing) trading volumes. instead at trade 811 we execute all your orders and only profit from the size of your trading. working with high bank societies insures constant liquidity in all currencies.

Forex basics

Forex market is special and is growing more popular. investors look to forex as a wise choice for many reasons including the fact that markets are open around the world 24 hours a day from 00:00 Monday to 22:00 Friday GMT. also forex provides variable investment strategies so investors who look for short term profits can buy and sell currencies in hours , minutes or even less. and those who look for long term strategies can choose to buy and keep the package. all this is often easy to do in an investment much less than the trading price.

Profiting from forex trading

Trading currencies is similar to stocks investment. theoretically, stocks are bought cheap and sold expensive. when successful this may result in remarkable profits. forex trading is similar in process however it generally requires less researches and smaller risk. the investor simply needs to make a choice about whether a currency will surpass the other. forex trading is a practical way to start or enhance one's investment portfolio. possibilities for both short and long term profits are remarkable while the risks are a little less as long as the proper amount of researches are done in both currency exchange and broker services.

Important words for trading
Bits and shares

Percentage as bits or shares resembles the difference in value between two different currencies. more simply currency exchange is never stable. sometimes these differences are very essential. but usually it is simple. bits equals 1/100 of the percentage. as this change in currency can be modest. trading is done by shares. standard shares equal 100000 unit.


Regular investor doesn't have enough to buy 100000 units of one currency instead they use a forex broker. a broker asks for a deposit between 1000 to 10000 dollars then allows the investor to buy currencies using borrowed funding.