Trade 811 Fundamental Analysis

Fundamentals department in trade 811 provides fundamental analysis reports of forex and commodities by the biggest analysts in the market. every that can have an influence on the market is traced with an explanation of its probable effects.

What are the fundamental analysis?

Forex fundamental analysis which includes studying the magnitude of the influence of political and economic events on the market. while fundamental analysis analyze trends political analysis dig deeper in quality dimensions like economic and financial factors ,economic health and the small economic factors. and it includes an explanation of the static reports and economic indicators. like the change in interest rates , employment reports and the most recent inflation indicators. forex traders has to pay great attention to economic indicators that can have an direct and expected influence sometimes on the value of a currency in the forex market. as these indicators can greatly affect the exchange rates it is important to know it's release time. exchange rates margins can increase during the time prior to the release of an important indicator which rises the cost of your trade.

That is why it is recommended to regularly check an economic calendar which includes the dates and times of releasing every indictor. the economic calendar can be found on the central bank websites and through most of the brokers.