Funds safety

Financial integrity : Insuring your money is safe

At trade 811 we deal with concepts like data security , privacy and integrity and precautions very seriously. When you trade with trade 811 you can be absolutely sure that your money is safe and your privacy is secured.

Secured accounts and transfers

Trade 811 uses secured transfers to secure all exchanges and personal information at all times. Client's money will never be under the threat of getting lost or stolen before , during or after the transfers.

The company deals with separate credit banks to keep all money safe. These accounts are managed by trade 811 and no one else. This means that there is no other entity that has the right to access these fund while it is under our control. Also we deal with financial establishments with only the best reputation.

Financial integrity

Trade 811 is a secure financial company which works with the concept of that the best work done is the on which follows strict financial activities. But financial brokers have to achieve the basic requirements as the company sends reports every month outside the accountancy agency which then neatly reviews the records to insure the financial integrity however the annual reviews are done through separate firms. In addition to the company's own financial management which regularly checks that the company's accounts are in check. Trade 811 keeps the clients' money separated from the company's money. We will never use the client's money in business usages. Investors have reasonable fear that their money can be reached to pay to client's creditors in case of carelessness. Although the carelessness scenario is very unlikely with trade 811 the company has taken further steps to insure that client's money can never be used for that purpose. Dangers connected to financial trading can be effective. Trade 811 wants to insure that the clients are aware that all funds kept by either the client or the company itself is totally safe. As required by law the client's deposits and expenses are always covered by the capital liquidity owned by trade 811. The company goes to the further than that by executing self review. This includes to the company's internal activities. All policies and processes are regularly re-evaluated to insure that the client gets the safest trading experience .

Technology to depend on

Trade 811 uses the most recent trading systems to allow the investors to be ahead in forex. With sirix clients have the ability to make fast trades while keeping an eye on recent changes in foreign currencies. Clients shouldn't worry about their transfers getting lost due to device or program failures. Trade 811 uses high quality servers supported by hardware in addition to information technology team which solves any problem before it reaches the client. This allows the investors to focus on trading instead of program errors. At trade 811 we continually seek new ways to provide the client with recent news , fastest trades and safest transfers.