Social trading

Improve your results through 5 social trading markets

Social trading is getting more popular in Europe as it makes forex investment easier and more exciting than any other time. Social trading brings together traders from all around the world in one huge network. Like known social networks like stock tweets , facebook , twitter and linkdin traders can share their information and results with each other. These sharing networks allows traders to trace market analysis , other traders positions and learn from their strategies and results. Depending on their success traders can get followers. The most advantage of social trading is coping trades which allows traders to copy others entire trades under the same circumstances and profits without the need to trade by themselves.

We aim at trade 811 to help members to succeed in this challenging market by means of encouragement , transparency and information sharing. Trade 811 enables users to share their trading information and interact with other traders from all around the world and gives them the ability to review , copy ,discuss and follow their trades and previous performance analysis and more.

Investors no longer need to build their analysis depending on old was like technical and fundamental analysis. They can make decisions depending on previous actions taken by other traders which improves the trading quality and results.