Standard account

Minimum deposit value of 2500$

Standard account IS available for clients who made an initial deposit of 2500 - 4999$. However it is not totally standard as we provide extraordinary trading situations : Full clients support , Promotion offers , better margins and remote help.

Standard account advantages

  • 10% welcome bonus on your first deposit
  • 30% bonus sent to clients who use master card for withdrawing
  • Daily market reports
  • Personal account manager to provide trading ideas and support
  • Recommendations and advices 3 times a day also through phone
  • SSL programs
  • Competitive margins
  • Dealing room support
  • Deep training in financial markets and personal coaching
  • Trading more than 63 assets , commodities and currency pairs
  • Technical support 24/7
  • Realistic rates
  • Leverage of 1:200