What is Technical Analysis?

Technical analysis is the studying of offer and demand on a specific currency to try to specify the direction the price may go in. Trade 811 provide a full group of analysis tools to enable clients to become successful traders.

Although it seems very complicated technical analysis is more of an art than it is a science. Technical analysis tries to understand the flow of the market and look in the common directions using charts for prices. Most traders use candle charts in addition to other indicators to understand the harts patterns that indicate future prices. We provide a wide variety of technical analysis tools that you can use through our trading program. There are many kind of technical analysis indicators under the following categories.

Moving averages is a line that traces the final price of a currency as a line through a specific period of time. Candle charts patterns are buying and selling signals represented through sequence , one shape , a candle or more in the candle chart.

Indicators are formulas focused on the price and the size of a currency - By measuring trends , money flow , fluctuation and activity. Indicators usually add extra information to the analysis of the currency price. They are used to ensure the price movements in qualified charts patterns and generating buying and selling signals. An advanced indicator surpasses the movement of prices and the lagging indicator traces prices changes. Support and resistance tools work on the hope that prices always move back in the opposite direction of a trend before with a specific percentage before it continues in the original direction of the trend. the most famous support and resistance indicator is Fibonacci retracement tool.

The market sentiment is the impression of the public about price fluctuation and is the main reason that exchange rates can be very different from the main understanding of how economy works. There are specific tools that help forex traders have a better understanding of the market sentiment before taking trading decisions. Including complying to submit reports to traders which informs forex traders of long and short contracts in the future market. Fluctuation indicator is a very essential tools. Which measures the fluctuation happening in the bought and sold options.

When trying to measure the market state traders should never depend only on technical tools but also take a look on the market sentiment.

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